Create “SOUkitaka!”


Attracted by its unique nature of “Reuse” business
which passes the value of goods from one to the other,
until today, we have been continually breathing
new life into the industry.

And now, five years has passed
since the foundation of our company,
we listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers market
and aim for further growth.

By providing not only our standard services,
but also by new kind of services
that we may offer in the future,
we hope to provide new & unique values
that one can call “SOUkitaka!*”.
*SOUkitaka: ”Didn’t see that coming”



  • なんぼや
    With the brand concept of “Life without Reuse is boring”, we have 52 stores all over Japan (as of February 2019) that buys branded goods.
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    We are the first in the industry to introduce advance booking system in a brand purchase store. We have vast service line-up that meets the needs of each and every customer.
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    SOU auction delivers the highest quality and quantity of branded goods to our precious buyers. It was re-born with the new concept of “THE STAR CLASS” in 2016.
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    Sales store of branded items that sends the Japanese reuse quality to the world, opened in “Osaka Rinku Town”, which is a popular place for the foreigners visiting Japan.
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  • ALLU
    ALLU is a specialty store based on the concept of “Fashion x Rarity” offering hard-to-find vintage luxury items collected from all around the world.
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  • miney
    An application “miney” that you can see the value of your belongings at any time. In October 2017, we started as a new service. You can easily manage your belongings and their value with smartphones.
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  • 東証マザーズ上場
  • プライバシーマーク
  • ガンバ大阪