Greetings and Introduction of directors

Shinsuke Sakimoto


  • With Internet auctions and flea market mobile applications, the concept of “Reuse” has become a part of our everyday life. However, it is also true that many people still do not feel like selling and buying things that are no longer in-use. At present, the total assets of branded goods and precious metals that are sleeping in the closets of Japanese homes may total around tens of trillion yen. In other words, Japanese homes have a sleeping gold-mine that could move the Japanese economy.
  • How can we enlighten more people about the value and the beauty of “Reuse”? We everyday grapple with that challenge. It has been 5 years since we had started our small stores in Osaka, Namba. Our efforts included, stores that make customers to drop by, creating relaxing space like a salon for our customer, training a concierge that builds a trusted relationship with a customer, new services empowered by IT technology, opening our own auction in order to constantly deliver the value of our item, and so forth. To deeply plant our philosophy of “Connecting values and memories of things” in the world, we have been creating a flat and flexible business.
  • And soon, we may challenge to create new business that does not fall in the “Reuse” industry. From now on, together with our employees, we shall aim at providing a business with a new value to our entire stakeholders.
President and Representative Director, SOU Inc. Shinsuke Sakimoto

President and
Representative Director,


From J-League to businessman

Born in Osaka Prefecture in 1982, Sakimoto graduated from Dai-ichi Senior High School of Kansai University. He entered Kansai University and joined J-League team of ‘Gamba Osaka’ in the same year. After his association with Gamba Osaka from 2001 to 2003, he joined JFL Sagawa Express SC since 2004. After retirement from J-league, he learned the know-how of recycling shop at his father’s recycling shop. In 2007, he opened “Nanboya”, a specialized purchasing store of branded goods in Kansai. In 2009, he made a first business venture in Tokyo area. In 2001, he established SOU Inc. and became the first representative director of the organization. After “Nanboya”, he started different business ventures such as “Brand Concier”, a branded goods purchasing store with advance booking system, “STAR BUYER AUCTION”, B to B auction business, and “Brand Resale Show Zipang”, a B to C trading business.

Introduction of directors

  • Kei Fujita
  • Executive director

    Kei Fujita

  • December 2011, joined SOU Inc.
    December 2015, appointed to Executive director.
  • Toshihide Ohzono
  • Director

    Toshihide Ohzono

  • July 2015, joined SOU Inc.
    June 2016, appointed to Director.