Purchase Business

Connecting the “Value”
of your good
to the new investment
of your life.

Our business is not just to stick a tag price on things that are not used anymore. We listen to the memories and stories about things, and then we decide the value. We place a great value over bringing satisfaction to every business deal. From “buying and using” to “selling and connecting”, our customer make a new investment on themselves that further brings new excitement and stimulation to their daily lives. We want to be the cause of it.


With the brand concept of “Life without Reuse is boring”, we have 65 stores all over Japan (as of November 2019) that buys branded goods.


We are the first in the industry to introduce advance booking system in a brand purchase store.We have vast service line-up that meets the needs of each and every customer.

High level of evaluation skill

In order to enhance the eyes of a concierges (appraisers) who perform appraisal in the presence of our precious customers, we have a team comprised of watch technician with more than 30 years of experience, the GG qualified expert that is internationally recognized, and experts on bags, watches, and jewelry for all the genres and brands. All our concierges are thoroughly trained not only on product knowledge, appraisal, and assessment ability, but also on customer services. They are assigned to be concierge in store only after passing a long process of internal examination.

We consider your
memories for appraisal

What we value the most are the stories that we listen from our precious customers, not the price of their goods. We listen to our customers, and we try to make sure that our customers feel like “It was nice to sell my goods to you”. Not only our staffs at stores have that feeling of connecting with our customers, but also our staffs at customer support center also have the same feeling. With the Kansai style corporate practices, we have made sure that it is not too formal, too informal, but it is well balanced that provides a comfortable service to our precious customers.

Stores that make
customers to drop by

The purchase stores that we own are like salon. We aim to make a space where even just one customer feels like going, and a space where a new customer would feel like dropping by. For that, we have been very particular about air-conditioning, room temperature, and interiors of our stores. We value the privacy of our customers, so we have customer-only private booths where they can feel relaxed while visiting our stores.

Brand strategy
that value convenience

Nanboya has opened 65 stores all over Japan (as of November 2019) to reach out to our customers on a large scale. It is located within walking distance from your nearest stations, and it is a space where a new customer who uses the station would feel like dropping by. BRAND CONCERER situated in Tokyo area has launched advance reservation system, which is the first of its type in the industry.

This system does not make you wait, and the shortest time to make reservation is two minutes. Also, we have been providing services like “buy via delivery service”, “buy at your place”, and “LINE appraisal” that let you easily access to concierge services from your Smartphone. These are our effort to make our service accessible to customers who are busy or lives far away.

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