About Our Business

Making “Reuse” a common
word to the world.

Our idea of “Reuse” is not that you sell your goods because you need cash, but our idea is to connect to someone who in-need of your most valued good. That way, you can invest something new that is truly important. When re-thinking about old Japanese culture that emphasize on passing goods from parents to children, then grandchildren, how about we now think of not only from insider of family, but passing the “valued” good to someone who really cherish it. This is basic idea of our business. We want more and more people to understand the value of reuse, and want people to make “recycle” a part of their lives. That way, someday the reuse would become a common concept. We are heading to a new challenge.

SOU Business Model一貫した流通体制

SOU ビジネスモデル

SOU ビジネスモデル

Purchase Business

Connecting the “Value”
of your good
to the new investment
of your life.

Our business is not just to stick a tag price on things that are not used anymore. We listen to the memories and stories about things, and then we decide the value. We place a great value over bringing satisfaction to every business deal. From “buying and using” to “selling and connecting”, our customer make a new investment on themselves that further brings new excitement and stimulation to their daily lives. We want to be the cause of it.


Auction Business

Aiming to be hub and
number one of auction
business in Japan.

The auction business is another pillar that promotes reuse as well as purchase business. Registered customers have been increasing since B to B auction “STAR BUYERS AUCTION” started as “Tokyo Star Auction” in 2013. Now, it is becoming popular amongst the buyers all around the world. With the biggest purchase stocks, we aim to emerge like a hub in the reuse industry with the largest product lineup and high quality goods.


Sales Business

B to C Sales business
that brings about new
meeting opportunities
for our customers.

We want to make the reuse products more familiar to the people, and expand shopping options to our customers. With this idea, we have launched the B to C sales as our new business in 2016. Our idea is to bring about enjoying experience and meeting opportunities by selling high quality goods and rare items to our customers.

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