Sales Business

B to C sales business
that creates new meeting
opportunities for our customers

We want to make the reuse products more familiar to the people, and expand shopping options to our customers. With this idea, we have launched the B to C sales as our new business in 2016. Our idea is to bring about enjoying experience and meeting opportunities by selling high quality goods and rare items to our customers.


Sales store of branded items that sends the Japanese reuse quality to the world, opened in “Osaka Rinku Town”, which is a popular place for the foreigners visiting Japan.


ALLU is a specialty store based on the concept of “Fashion x Rarity” offering hard-to-find vintage luxury items collected from all around the world.

A lineup beyond genre
and brand

We have a lineup of various brands and genres ranging from watches, high class jewelry to brand bags and apparel, which provides various shopping experience in one store. It is also our commitment that we check, repair, and perform maintenance works thoroughly about all items in order to provide high quality products.

From trend to vintage

We analyze large volume of product data that is developed from our purchase business in order to find the popular items of a certain time. It helps to decide what items to be displayed at our stores. From the trendy branded goods to vintage collection, we have a large number of lineups. Since the price of reuse products is reasonable, large number our customers can rejoice the shopping experience.